Monday, April 04, 2005

But there is no joy in Mudville

2005 baseball season has begun, leaving us behind. I can say it's going to be a sombre summer. A summer without the joys of turning on the radio on a hot, lazy summer's evening, listening to the sweet sounds of the games. The cracks of the bat, the roars of the crowd, the slap of a ball hitting the catcher's glove. A once faithful baseball city was slowly killed by various factors (least of which was lack of fans, no matter what the American media likes to say). All I know is that the end result will be a sportsless summer. Going to games was fun, you know? It was a few relaxing hours of game-watching and chit-chatting and now that's gone.

No more team to follow; in it's stead, there are only players with whom I have a now-distant attachment who I'll follow for my online fantasy league.

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