Monday, May 09, 2005

Buck Shirts

I went to Old Navy on the weekend to see if they had any cheap clothes I could get. Finding dirt cheap clothing at Old Navy is a really fun outing that I suggest to anyone.

So first thing I do is check if they still have that "Big Black Rooster, Trinidad" cap so I can wear it to taunt Chris. No luck: it's gone. Oh well...then I move on to the shirts. They had some nice light shirts there, of varying prices.

Then I stumbled onto the sales.

I wandered into the $9.97 shirts, marked down from $25. Not bad. I considered them for a moment until I found the $4.97 shirts. Even better! This was sweet. They had nice colours and...hold on! What's this!? 97 cent shirts?! What? I rechecked the tag. $0.97, down from $20. Who the?!?! Suddenly the $5 ones were so expensive. There were plenty of colours and sizes, too. Having only a bit of change in my pocket (and unwilling to bust out the plastic) I grabbed a shirt and approached the counter. It came out to $1.12. I paid with a looney, a dime and 2 pennies. The girl told me about the 3 month return policy and I told her I doubt I'd return a dollar shirt. Then out comes my bill and it seems that I won $7.50 off Old Navy merch. Sweet! I shall return to claim more of these shirts.

Moral of the story: the plastic bag and coat hanger they gave me probably costs more than the shirt I bought. Go to Old Navy.

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