Monday, May 02, 2005

Cage; a small world; Hitchhiker

It was Karthik's birthday so around 20 of us showed up to Cage aux sports to watch the basketball game that night (Detroit/Philly). Upon showing up, we discovered that they were in fact not showing NBA playoffs at all, but rather Quebec Major Junior Hockey League game between Rimouski and...well, who the hell cares?!

We're talking NBA playoffs (featuring noted rapper and sometimes baller, Allen Iverson) compared to non-professional hockey. Yes, yes overhyped phenom Sidney Crosby is playing but still! Even the Cage's own schedule in the restaurant proclaimed they'd show basketball. So Mean Gene calls over the manager and gets into discussion oozing with thinly veiled contempt. The manager claims everyone in the restaurant wants to see hockey. Finally, a settlement is reached and the ball game is on during intermissions. We did manage to catch the end of the game but the situation was pathetic. Instead of seeing some neat plays in the basketball game, we had to watch interviews with the no-name Quebec-hick assistant coaches of the if anybody gives a damn! Oh yeah, and the food was overpriced and under-flavoured. Blech. Give me Barbie's anytime (at least they have coupons and show whatever sports you want to watch).

I always heard Cage aux sports sucked hard and now I finally understand. I hope to never return.


Speaking of Mean Gene, he came in second at a poker tournament a few weeks back. Well, I was playing poker at my brother's the other night when one of his friends mentioned that he came in first at the same tournament...meaning he beat Jayess. Small world, eh?


I first read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in grade 4 and thought it was amusing. Upon re-reading a few times since, I have realized the full blown genius of the work. The humour comes not from the story (if there is one) but rather from Douglas Adams's absurd satire about life, the universe and everything (basically the nature of existence). So how can they adapt funny observations and prose into a movie? Well, I'm pleased to say that the new movie based on the first of the five Hitchhiker books is pleasant, indeed. It's not always on the mark and I question some of the wholely unnecessary new bits (the introduction of the empathy gun is an obvious and weak deus ex machina).

On the whole, though, the movie is smile-inducing funny (not really laugh out loud) and totally absurd and looney. I don't know how people who are not familiar with the book will be able to follow the film completely but it's enjoyable and very different from any other movie you've seen (the animated Guide entries and various asides are types of things that are simply not done in conventional films). I'm pleased to say that the movie is fairly close to the book and retains the same spirit. Let's hope it does enough business to fuel a sequel that hits the mark a bit more.

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