Thursday, May 12, 2005

Freak Me Out

Well, I had a freaky time coming home from class tonight.

I arrived at Bonaventure to catch the 45 when I saw everyone vacating the bus. A few ambulances pulled up and people with stretchers are defibrilators were approaching the bus. However, the paramedics weren't running or anything, so I'm thinking someone died.

So then we're redirected to the opposite side of the terminus to wait for the next 45 over there. While we're waiting, some old brown guy with a hilarious accent starts complaining very loudly to nobody in particular that he's a busy man and he'll be late because of this. I don't get it. Who's he bitchin' to? Someone may very well have died. Hey mister, how about you never get to where you wanna go? I'm sure the paramedics had body bags in your size, too. Idiot.

Then at the Brossard terminus I get on my bus then looked out the window. Right by the phone booths, on the ground, is a bra, underwear, an empty purse, an AC adaptor and a little toy car. Freaky! The terminus security people were looking at these things and trying to figure out what happened.

Anyway, that's it. Freaky stuff, like I said.

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