Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jacko; movie theatres

Stop me if you heard this one. So Michael Jackson and O.J. are out playing golf, right, and...?

So Jacko got off, eh? Hmmmm...regardless of these latest charges, I think he should be shipped off to prison for general weirdness. The guy is totally messed up in the head. Despite being acquitted, so many weird facts came about from this trial that I don't think he'll ever recover. He admitted to all sorts of totally wrong things that, even though they didn't get him convicted, pretty much sealed his future. He has no career and no income, yet spends tens of millions a year. He's fast spiraling into debt, mainly due to the fact that he keeps on borrowing millions to pay for his absurb lifestyle (complete with monkeys and elephants and little boys on his ranch). What a messed up guy!

He should try to resurrect his career by being a "featuring:" artist on a rap song.
"Lil Boyz R My Boo" by Ghostface f. Michael Jackson. But then, which one is Ghostface?

What really bothers me is not the fact he got off. Fine, the courts decided he's not guilty. What really ticks me off are these low-life trash who travel all the way from their homes (sometimes overseas!) to support Michael. It's like they know the guy! After the verdict, they were celebrating like it was the second coming. Many quotes of these people were along the lines of "this is the happiest day of my life" and "I always knew he was innocent! The justice system works." Who the hell are these idiots who can come waste all their time to support a has-been zero weirdo whom they never met. What kind of twisted mind does it take for people to travel all the way there to support someone who has admitted to some pretty twisted stuff? They have no vested interest in him. Why do it? Don't they have jobs? If they were on trial, do you think Michael Jackson would give a damn? These people should all be eliminated from the face of the Earth to make way for more useful people. Their utter uselessness upsets me.


Cineplex Odeon is buying Famous Players theatres to make a giant movie company. This would be interesting...if I went to either chain. On occasion, I visit the Paramount but Guzzo is so far superior to the others that I really have no incentive to go anyplace else. Rules of the merger are such that Cineplex has to sell off some of their theatres in markets where they co-exists with Famous Players. I ask, where the hell are Cineplexes anyway? Guzzo has said no to buying the excess cinemas (good decision, I think, cuz those theatres are not up to the standard that Guzzo holds up). AMC, on the other hand, is reportedly trying to leave the market for good. So looks like we'll have another wave of empty moviehouses on our hands.

And another thing. I found out Famous Players was owned by Viacom all this time. I wish I had known earlier, so I could boycott them. Viacom is the parent company of Paramount and I'd boycott them just for killing the entire Star Trek franchise due to mismanagement and incompetence.

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