Monday, June 27, 2005

Support our exactly?

During my recent trip to the Boston area, I have a few comments on the US.

Whenever I go down there, I feel weird. It's not right down there. It's like Canada, except skewed a few degrees. The people act differently, the products in the stores are somewhat's like that time when Worf came back from the Bat'leth tournament only to find things a little different.

Anyway, despite the general weirdness I feel in the US, nothing upsets me more than the stickers they have on their cars. Almost everyone has a "Support our troops" sticker, and that's usually paired with "God bless the USA". I have some issues with these.

The "Support our troops" sticker is pure lip-service. How exactly are these people supporting their troops? By affixing a sticker to their car? It's the height of hollowness. If they really want to support the troops, go over there and fight, you hypocrites. Or better yet, don't go to war in the first place.

Secondly, why do these Americans feel that god is on their side exclusively? They ridicule and hate their enemies who claim god is on their side (labelling them extremists), yet they turn around and put "God bless the USA" stickers on their cars, next to the "Support our troops" stickers, pretty much inferring that since god is blessing America, god's also blessing the troops and endorsing the war. Isn't that also following the same path of extremism? More hypocrisy.

In any case, Boston was nice and the portions of food there were unlike anything I've ever seen.

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