Thursday, July 14, 2005

Go to hell, escalators!

People never fail to amaze me with their idiocy.

Case in point: escalators. Now, a curious socialogical phenomenon occurs when people approach an escalator that is not moving. It always happens. Just last week, I was behind a group of people approaching an escalator. They get right to the first step when they notice it's not working. So what do they do? They stop, backtrack a bit and take the stairs down. I think that's too hilarious.

I think that's too hilarious. Hey, people! You know what an escalator is when it's not moving? Stairs, goddamit! You can walk down them like stairs. Unless, of course, the people are spurning the non-functional escalators as an eff you to the device.

"Oh, so you're not working today, eh, stupid? Fine! I'm taking the stairs. Go to hell, escalator!"

Yeah, it really shows the escalator who's boss.

The moral: People, by default, are stupid and should be treated as such. They must prove their intelligence. Intelligence cannot be assumed.

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