Monday, July 11, 2005

New computer; Weezer+Pixies

I bought a new computer. Yes, sir. I'm riding the coming wave of 64-bit techonlogy and PCI-Express video. Here's a breakdown of my machine.

-AMD 64 3000+ (running at 2GHz), Socket 939
-Dual Channel 1GB memory
-ATI Radeon x600XT 128MB PCI-Express video card
-Antec Sonata tower (very quiet!) with 380W power supply
-Logitech MX1000 wireless laser mouse
-Logitech Access keyboard
-SoundBlaster 2.1 sound system
-Samsung 730B 17" LCD monitor
-160GB Maxtor hard disk

Anyway, trust me when I say the system runs so fast. The CPU runs faster than a comparable 3GHZ Pentium 4 chip and the fact that it's 64-bit means when the new Windows and other 64-bit applications come out, I'll be riding high. The dual channel memory makes the RAM runs at twice the normal speed. Also, PCI-Express is the latest, fastest standard for video cards, so that's cool, too. Yay for me!


Last night was the Pixies/Weezer double bill show at the former Jarry Park (now Stade Uniprix). Solid. I have pics and videos. For old guys, the Pixies rock hard, man. Wow. They're legends and they showed why. Awesome set. Weezer played a nice mix of old and new and were also very good, especially when busting out some crazy guitaring. Very nice. Each band played 70 minutes each, so the total show was a good time (Wilco, on the other hand, played longer than both these bands combined, 2 weeks ago). The outdoor scenario was fun. The weather was perfect. The rain held off and the temperature was just right. Hooray for concerts.

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