Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Let's all A&W; Xbox 360

I like A&W. There's something quaint about it. I especially love their big, honkin' frosted root beer glasses. I don't know why, but soda out of a frosted glass tastes so much better. That is why today, I purchased a big, honkin' A&W glass.

I had placed in the freezer for an hour and drank some Dr Pepper out of it and it was fantastic. For y'all who've never had the pleasure of having soda from a chilled glass, I feel sorry for you, your families and your eventual children.


In other news, I put a downpayment on the Xbox 360 that will come out this November. I've read a lot about it and the PS3 and while I think the PS3's specs are completely INSANE, Sony has indeed finally gone mad and will price it out of the range of any normal person. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 has some pretty neat features to it and some cool games in the pipeline. Yay for videogames!

As for videogames, I'm just getting started in the huge and apparently veeeeeery long Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The content is so beyond anything I've played (including the previous games in the series). But what a game! The design and scope are simply astounding. GTA: SA is so wrong but feels so right.

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