Friday, September 09, 2005

Green Day (the band); Bush (not the band)

The outdoor Green Day show was fantastic last Sunday. Very high energy and they even brought their own fireworks. At one point, they brought up 3 people from the crowd to play the instruments while Billy Joe finished up a song. Then, he gave his guitar to the girl who replaced him. Anyway, a great show on all accounts, especially because I witnessed a security guard punch an unruly drunken dad plain in the face. Then blood started gushing out. Neat!


So if this hurricane that wiped New Orleans off the map has shown us anything, it's that "President" Bush is a moron. I'd hate to hate on this guy more but his reaction to this disaster shows why he is unfit to be president. He's just a patsy pushed to the front by his backers. He doesn't know what he's doing and his 30% approval rating demonstrates that. But what does he care? He got his foot in the door. It's not like they can kick him out of office. And he doesn't have to run for office again, so he'll be spared a humiliating defeat.

While people were dying and the city was being destroyed, he continued his vacation, going to conventions, attending parties. Only 3 days in did he grudgingly cancel his vacation to see what's what. Pathetic. And then, he refuses aid from other countries. Ummmm, why not let the homeless, possessionless, dying people make that decision? Gosh! You tell'em, Kanye.

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