Friday, September 16, 2005

When the Revolution comes, Nintendo will be the first against the wall

Nintendo unveiled their new controllers for the tentatively named Nintendo Revolution. I predict after this coming debacle, Nintendo will have such a huge flop on their hands that they will leave the console market for good.

I think it's stupid. Fine, a redesign of what we think of controllers may be cool, but it has to be functional. Look how clunky that thing is. I like how sideways, it can be an NES controller...but nobody will port games to that system. It doesn't have the buttons. It has motion detect, though. So they expect you to wave it around while playing.

I don't think the public will be into this. Especially since this is the system parents will buy for their kids (because it will be a cheap system), I think it will fail. How are kids going to figure this gadget out? They will either break it or become very frustrated and not play.

I think this is a huge miscalculation and part of the reason why nobody is even giving Nintendo a chance at contending in the next round of system wars.

Check out the "controller" on their new system:

I'm more upset than anything, because I can see it resulting in the end of Nintendo's consoles. That's bad news. They make the best 1st party games of anybody. If their consoles go out the window, then their licenses will only come out on the handhelds. No more epic, console-based games, unless they put them out for other systems.

I do like how the controller can be tilted sideways to emulate an NES controller to play the NES games you can download.

I will say this, though. I thoroughly dislike this new trend for people (X360, Nintendo Revolution) to mimick the iPod white colour. Systems should be dark.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus...boy, was I wrong. Haha