Thursday, September 22, 2005

White Stripes show

"Bonjour, Habitants," was how last Saturday's White Stripes show started. I was witness to another amazing concert by the duo. The first one was more intimate at Metropolis, 2 years ago, but this was good, as well. And what a show. Witnessing it from around 10-12 people deep from the stage, Jack White has gotta be one of the most talented rock musicians out there. He plays the guitar like a man possessed! His hands fly furiously up and down the neck and it's a thrill to witness it. The mix of rock and blues is very refreshing when contrasted with a lot of the garbage rock out there now (I blame Pearl Jam for inspiring hundreds of like-sounding clones, even up to this day).

What's even more amazing is that Meg does nothing on drums that Jack doesn't tell her to do. His performance is punctuated by constant signals to her, instructing her on everything. He's playing both parts. And the intensity he brings to the stage leaves the audience exhausted. The playlist was tight, song after song with no breathing room in between. I will try to go to every show they put on here. It's always a pleasure.

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