Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Neil...we'll miss him when he's fired

So tomorrow, Neil (and I) have to meet with this Pascal dude to see if we can switch over to another department, doing actual eng work (highly unlikely, given the nuttiness of the work and Pascal's nutty reputation). In any case, Neil, Manesha and I are in Neil's cubicle near quittin' time and I draw the following on Neil's recycling box:

So then, as he's dancing like Liam Neeson in Darkman, with his arms flailing about, this dude walks into the cubicle. Manesha and I stop laughing, but Neil, with no eyeholes in the box, continues his routine. After a moment,

"Very nice," says the dude.

Neil sheepishly takes the box off.

"Are you Neil?" the dude continues.

"Yes," Neil concedes.

"You have an interview with me tomorrow. You forgot to give me your grades."

Neil blurts out some hilarious ramble about getting the grades to him tomorrow at the interview. The dude, obviously Pascal at this point, ends with, "Oh and you don't need to bring the box." He leaves...then Neil turns a shade of purple (brown skin+red blood = purple blushing) as I collapse to the floor and cry with laughter, literally rolling on the carpet.

Long story short, I don't think Neil has much of a chance at this job.

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