Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quarter Century

How does it feel to be 25? Well...a lot like it felt being 24, except now I can check out Le Lovers. Fathers, hide your older daughters...provided you fathers are still alive.

Anyway, today was rather uneventful. I went to work. I was greeted with "Happy Birthday" banners taped across my cubicle like it was a police crime scene out of "CSI: Birthday". There was some sort of McCain's chocolate cake involved. I received a bda ycard filled with rude and crude comments written by my co-workers, most of them involving me having twisted relations with male co-workers. Good fun.

I got home and my bro and the baby came. We had dinner and more cake. That is all. I quietly turned 25, the way I like it. No hoopla.


Funny story. Yesterday, we had a couple of cans of Pringles chips at work and Neil got each arm stuck in a can. So, like a complete moron, he started waving his arms around, much like the recycling box incident. And no, he did NOT realize what he was doing until I reminded him. Upon realizing his foolishness, he quickly pulled out of the boxes before a manager or someone important walked by.

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