Monday, October 24, 2005

Quit; how I will score a half price Xbox 360

So I officially announced my 2 weeks notice today from work. I will stop taking calls for a living November 4th, then I will have a (paid) week off (due to my unused vacation time) before starting as Junior Programmer at Gameloft. There, I will port cell phone video games. Sounds fun. I can't wait to see what this new joint is like.


So I already preordered and Xbox 360 at EB Games. The price: $500. But I will get it half price. How? Simple.

They have this policy where if you sell them a game for which they would have given you $8 or less, they'll instead give you $10 if you put it towards the 360. And if the game would have fetched you $8-16, they'll give you $20 towards a 360.

So, I scoured Walmart, Blockbuster and some other places for cheap $5 games, bought them (sometimes multiple copies of the same title) then showed at at EB. There, they don't care about multiple copies. Long story short, so far I spent $51.65 out of my pocket and EB gave me $120 in credit for my 360. That's $68.35 free money that I would have spent anyway. I will continue buying the same cheap games to try to do this until my 360 goes down to $0. Yesssssssss...

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