Monday, November 28, 2005

Ice ice baby

So this morning, the streets were covered in ice. It would have been beautiful if it weren't marred by idiot drivers who have no clue what they're doing.

I seriously don't understand it. This happens every year, you'd think these people would learn. It's like the first time they've experienced icy conditions!

"What is this glistening substance veneering the streets? No matter! I will continue to drive extremely quickly, then brake just short of the stop sign. What could happen?"

Well, what could happen is that the wheels lock and the cars go sliding past the stop sign, into the intersection. I was at the corner, morosely waiting for the bus when these 2 ladies arrived. They took a perverse pleasure in mocking the sliding cars. I thought 40-something-ish women would be above mocking idiot drivers (since many are idiot drivers themselves) but lo! Every time a car approached, they'd watch with bated see if this guy would be the one who actually drove slowly and respected braking distances in these condition. Nope...Every person would come and sliiiiiiide into the intersection. This one van wanted to turn at the intersection but slid sideways all the way to the opposite side. It was hilarious...because nobody died. (It could be argued it would be funnier if somebody did die...notably the driver to teach him a lesson, but that would be "wrong", I suppose.)

All this to say, as I've said many a time, people are stupid. Inherently. This happens every year but it seems everyone forgets. They have the memory of pigeons. People, winter tires are not magical! They were not forged in Mount Doom. Drive slowly and nobody gets hurt.

Afterthought: It's ironic, really. It always seems that in car accidents, the idiot driver never gets killed. It's always the innocent he hits. People are stupid and I have little faith in humanity's combined intelligence.

Post-afterthought: Now that I think about it, I'm not disappointed in humans, at all. I was going to say we can be so much more than we are...but then I thought about it. No. This is it. This is humanity. There is no glass ceiling of evolution we're hitting. We are at our peak. When you look at it like that, it doesn't seem so bad. The whole Star Trek ideal that humanity will reach a level of nirvana is bogus.

Apres-post-afterthought: Remember that episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("The Chase"), where it's revealed that all alien races come from a single alien race that seeded them all over. You'd think that revelation would have huge repercussions across the universe...but they totally ignored it from there on out. Oh well.

Friday, November 25, 2005


So work is fine and everything but I must comment on the toilets. The washrooms are clean and well lit...but the urinals are these no-flush types. There is not a single pipe on top that washes away the urine. Imagine a urinal that's just the basin. It's absolutely gross and makes the whole place smell like piss...because the piss is just rotting away there. Nasty. And on top of the urinals is a sticker, proudly proclaiming they're no flush urinals. You're proud of making a product that stinks to high hell? Filthy.

This whole conservation of water thingy has its limits and this is it. First, they throw low flush toilets at us that don't flush away solid waste with any effectiveness. Then, low-flow shower heads that slowly dribble like a guy who just came back from the dentist trying to drink water. Now, these conservation nuts are stopping me from washing away my own urine? If I piss in the sewer grate, it'll be more effective that using the "designated" area, as it were. Looking around me, there doesn't seem to be much of a water shortage in Quebec. I say I waste as much as I want.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I picked up my Xbox 360 this morning. I haven't touched it yet, as I am at work...but I wanna play now!!

Man, everything was just flying off the shelves indiscriminately. People took any game and bought tons of controllers. Meanwhile, I virtually got my xbox for free, due to exploiting a policy at EB and selling my old xbox. I should have bought like 3 or 4 xboxes cuz on ebay, if you guarantee to ship them immediately, they're going anywhere from $800-2000, depending on how INSANE the bidders are. Wow. It's only a gaming system. I think when PS3 comes out, I'm gonna buy 4 or 5 and just eBay them.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ergo est Week 1

So I've worked at my new job for 1 week now. I sorta don't know what I'm doing.

They put me in the BREW C++ group, even though I'm not too experienced in C++ and I've never used this BREW implementation before. I receive a game then I have to see if it runs on the emulator for a given phone. If there are problems, I have to into the existing code and fix stuff until such time that the phone's emulator runs the game fine. After that, I have to recompile the code in a different way so that it will run on the physical phone itself. Long story short, I haven't even begun fiddling with code yet but all these different tools and systems they use is a lot to remember and learn. I'm sure a few weeks from now, this will be all second nature to me but for now, I'm baffled.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Arrested Development's development arrested

So those bozos at Fox cut down the third season of Arrested Development, one of the best shows to hit tv...ever, to 13 episodes, more than likely signaling its cancellation. Seriously, I can't think of another comedy so consistently brilliant, tightly written and deftly acted as this one. No wonder it got virtually non-existent ratings, though. It wasn't stupid. This is a show that rewards the viewer on multiple viewings. There is so much foreshadowing, gags and throughly interwoven plotlines that the average idiot out there wouldn't be able to understand. That's why garbage like According to Jim still sees daylight, and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s show gets renewed. Can someone explain to me why The War At Home even managed to make it to air, much less stay on the schedule? What is Fox thinking? Yet, they can a once in a lifetime show like AD.

AD feels more like one of those HBO comedies. In some off chance, I hope a cable channel revives it and makes little 10 or 13 episode seasons of it. A scheme like that would very much work in this show's favour but I know that's a pipe dream.

People don't want intelligent programming it seems. Every once in a while, a smart show manages to navigate past the idiot-filter and stays on the air. I'm just glad and very much surprised that AD lasted 3 seasons. Everyone thought it would get the axe after season 1. In any case, at the end there will have been 53 episodes produced and as long as DVD is around, I'll be able to watch the Bluth clan to my heart's content.

Monday, November 07, 2005

FG --> Friggin' Great

Just a quick post to convey my utter pleasure with last night's Family Guy episode. From the opening "Naked Gun" spoof, to Cobra Commander to the whole FCC plot, it was sheer brilliance, through and through. It's like the episode was written just for me.

That is all.

Oh, and if anyone saw the Simpsons Halloween episode, the whole deal with Nelson's costume and his turning into a raccoon was pee-in-pants funny.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Cardinal said it...

Time for a serious post. All this talk about Kansas schools refusing to introduce evolution and instead teaching Adam & Eve as fact has got me angry. Even though the Pope himself said in 1996 that evolution is "more than just a hypothesis", fundamentalists refuse to even be open to the possibility of debate.

"Lord, save me from your followers."

That's a saying that I find particularly full of truth. It's not that I'm a religious guy, in fact I'm not religious in the least. It's just that that saying speaks a lot about people who are so devoted to their dogma that they cannot see any reason. In the name of their religion, they commit acts that would appall their god. I'm thinking of people along the lines of anti-abortion supporters who go killing doctors (irony, anyone?) and the like. My point is, I feel too many people take religion way too seriously. Churchill said "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject" which I feel is the problem. Not enough people are open to new ideas.

When a new concept explains something previously unexplained, it should be embraced instead of shunned. People fear change. People fear progress. Take the Catholic church for example. Only in 1992 did it finally admit that the Earth revolves around the sun and Pope JPII formally apologized to Galileo, a dude who's been dead for hundreds of years. I suppose it's better late than never, but why the reluctance to admit fault?

I understand that throughout time, religion has served a few purposes: to make people adhere to a moral code and to explain things in nature that they didn't understand. Every culture has this. So what makes Roman religion myth at this point, but current religions not? Moreover, people who claim to respect other religions are giving lip-service for the most part, because if they truly thought something else was the true religion, they'd be practicing that instead. Personally, I don't care what people practice, as long as it makes them happy and it doesn't encroach upon my person. But I digress. My point is, as we discover the real reason why things are as they seem, people should be more flexible in accepting it.

All this to get to the following. A Vatican Cardinal has come out and said people shouldn't take the Bible so literally. I feel he's 100% on the mark. The Bible has its positive uses. It should be seen as a book of stories with morals, sometimes very excellent morals. Othertimes, there are instances of behaviour that is simply from a bygone era. People must adapt to the times and determine what is right or wrong in any given era. I don't really subscribe to any religion but does that make me immoral? No because I understand how I would like myself to be treated and try to treat others likewise.

Religion or lack of it doesn't make people good or bad. Many atrocities have been committed in the name or religion and I've felt the whole "do good or else you're going to hell" bit is pretty selfish. I don't want to do good for fear that I'll be screwed. I'd like to be good just to be good to people, hoping they'd do the same for me.