Friday, November 25, 2005


So work is fine and everything but I must comment on the toilets. The washrooms are clean and well lit...but the urinals are these no-flush types. There is not a single pipe on top that washes away the urine. Imagine a urinal that's just the basin. It's absolutely gross and makes the whole place smell like piss...because the piss is just rotting away there. Nasty. And on top of the urinals is a sticker, proudly proclaiming they're no flush urinals. You're proud of making a product that stinks to high hell? Filthy.

This whole conservation of water thingy has its limits and this is it. First, they throw low flush toilets at us that don't flush away solid waste with any effectiveness. Then, low-flow shower heads that slowly dribble like a guy who just came back from the dentist trying to drink water. Now, these conservation nuts are stopping me from washing away my own urine? If I piss in the sewer grate, it'll be more effective that using the "designated" area, as it were. Looking around me, there doesn't seem to be much of a water shortage in Quebec. I say I waste as much as I want.

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