Friday, December 02, 2005

Concert etc

On Monday, I attended the U2 show at the Bell Centre. Having seen U2 before, I knew what to expect and they did not disappoint. They put on a tight, solid performance that had the crowd in encore-mode from the first song ("City of Blinding Lights"). I took a few videos and photos (the videos turned out better than the pics).

The big news was Montreal's own Arcade Fire opening. When I heard they were opening for U2, I was excited. I've listened to their CD a bunch of times and I'd heard their live shows were awesome and it's true. They were insanely good. I think it was only their third arena show but they owned that stage. Their presence was surprising for a new band on that type of big stage. Pretty gutsy of them to use U2's oval stage to their advantage and to get down off stage and exit the arena through the crowd. But all this did was win the crowd over more. I've never seen an audience appreciate an opening band as much as these guys. They stole the show. U2 even got on stage to one of their tunes. Bono lavished praise on them and even invited them out to join U2 in a song. It was a very fun evening of good music and good times.


Regular readers (if any) will recall I was complaining about the urinals here on the 10th floor. They're no-flush toilets and thus the restrooms smell like urine. Well, today we get the following email:


Gameloft has received many comments regarding the washroom maintenance on the 10th floor. We would like to inform you that Gameloft is not responsible for the maintenance, it is the building owner's responsibility. However, be assured that Gameloft has taken all necessary measures to have the situation rectified as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding"

So I'm not the only one who noticed. Hopefully we'll get some urinals with running water up in here. I mean, what is this, freakin' Mexico or Mumbai or something? Bah!

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