Friday, December 16, 2005

Snow Day

I woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning. But like most beautiful things, they hide a deadly layer underneath.

Blankets upon layers upon more blankets of snow covered the streetscape today. I went outside at 7:45 to catch the bus as I usually do. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. A bus comes, completely empty and the driver opens the door. He tells me he's not picking anybody up, then he leaves. This puzzled me more than anything. Where could be possibly be going?

So I waited and waited and waited s'more. I waited so long till my feet were cold and sore. Another guy shows up and waits with me. Ten minutes later he says he's gonna work from home today and leaves.

So I wait. And wait...Is that a bus or a shimmering mirage? I hold my breath (because by this point, my lungs were frozen). It is a bus!! Huzzah! Wait, it appears very dark inside...from all the dark coloured winter coats people are wearing. It's also very dense looking. Hey, not good. The bus isn't slowing down, despite the presence of a stop sign. Hey stop! Where...what...? The bus zooms by me. F*** this! I'm going back home.

In the span of one hour, where around 10-12 or so buses should have passed, I get shafted. Why is it this always happens at the first big storm of the year? This happens every bloody year. Don't they know the boyscout motto? Prepare, people. Why is it so hard to drive a bus when there's snow outside? This blows.

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