Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Video games don't kill people, ignorant articles do

So in the paper the other day, yet again, someone wrote an article on how violent video games should be banned or restricted harshly because it leads to a violent society. I cannot stand it when some ignorant fool who's never played a game writes one of these. And they always embarrassingly mention Doom as the staple of violent video games.

Inevitably, these articles mention the Columbine shootings as irrefutable proof of the dangers of games. So I quickly scanned through..."Columbine, Columbine...where are you..." Bingo! There it was. 'The shooters in the Columbine shootings were obsessed with violent games like Doom.' Give me a goddamn break. How many millions upon millions of people play violent games and don't go around shooting people? It's like, all mass murderers in the last last century wore pants ergo pants are evil. Ban pants! Yes, I understand that's an exaggeration but it's not too much of a departure from the logic these ignorant people use.

Do these people know that violence preceded video games? It's true! There were World Wars...Europeans wiping out natives using early germ warfare...the nasty business of the Crusades. Humans are inherently violent. It captivates us. Banning games will not make people less violent. Kids used to watch cowboys killing Indians on tv 50 years ago and it was deemed suitable children's programming. How is that any better? If anything, that's violence with racism thrown in for good measure.

How about some parents do some parenting? Instead of banning things left and right, people should be to blame for their kids, I say. Is it ok for a 9 year old to play GTA? Probably not. But if he finds his hands on that game, it's not Rockstar Games's fault.

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