Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bus Peeves

Taking the bus generates many headaches. I've long complained about buses and mostly bus drivers. These guys are generally spiteful miscreants who revel in their passengers' misery. But I won't complain about them today. Today, it's the passengers.

1) Fat people. Nothing irks me more on a bus than some person who takes up 2 seats with their girth. I'm sorry but at that point, you stand and let smaller people fit in the seats. And why is it these obese people smell? Don't they bathe? Clean yourself, dammit. Use a rod with a sponge at the end, just get clean. Also, what's up with obese people trying to be fashionable? Nobody's fooled! Moomoos are the only acceptable clothing.

2) "I'm not paying attention" people. You get on the bus, you see a seat occupied by some jerk's school bag and you stand right in front of them...and they pretend not to notice you want to sit down. Finally, you get their attention and they get super annoyed that you dare disturb their precious schoolbag from its priviledged position on a seat. Well, excuse me! Sometimes, I wish I can just clock these people, without any legal consequence.

3) Loud talkers. I absolutely hate people who talk to each other very loudly on the bus, so that everyone can hear their ignorant and usually embarrassing conversation. Often, they carry on saying the stupidest things. I just want to correct them...then tell them off. It's just so cringe-worthy when these idiots are yakking away. You can tell the entire bus is listening and is totally embarrassed for them and for themselves. Speak quietly. Private conversations are meant to be private.

4) People studying for Cal exams. C'mon, please. Cal is so easy. Studying for it offends me.

If you guys have anything else about annoying passengers, please add them in the comments.

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