Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's a new year

Happy nude year, boils and ghouls.

I mean that sentiment only as lip service. My long-standing disdain for celebrating New Year's still stands. I don't see why the changing of a digit should have such a impact on social activities. Why do people need an excuse to party and get properly soused? They can do this any other weekend, why's it special on December 31st? Bah! (new year's resolution #1: be more cheerful).

Good times were had at Casa de Hood (aka Masta's Pad). Karaoke/DDR is good times, if only because I kick so much ass (new year's resolution #2: be more modest). We (again) brought a giant bucket or fried chicken (new year's resolution #3: be less racist) that Chris throughly enjoyed. I mean, who doesn't like fried chicken? Well, chickens maybe...but nuts to the lot of them! They're raised with one single purpose: to be slaughtered, then enveloped in batter and gently lowered into boiling oil.

I got to meet some people who I'd only previously heard about. Mr. Solomon's son proved as agreeable as his father. It's a shame that unnamed dude didn't show up. There could have been some sparks flying, what with Mo being there and all.

A late appearance by JBo (whose blog is now running again, and who ditched his sick woman in order to party with the boys in the ghetto) was greatly appreciated, especially when he sniffed Dave's Snuff. I liken it to the time in HS he sniffed Liquid Paper or downed a shot of Listerine, then called the poison control hotline. Come to think of it, Jbo need help. You get addicted to junk way too easily (new year's resolution for JBo: be less substance dependent). I swear, you'll end up in rehab or something. If you do, get me Kate Moss's phone number. I'd like to give her a piece of my mind (new year's resolution #4: be more obvious between serious sentiments and sarcasm).

So yeah, I think people enjoyed themselves and all was well. Except for the intermittent phone calls from Joe and Jean. Jean,! (new year's resolution for those guys: be less drunk)

Happy 2006. I'm sure I won't enjoy it.

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