Monday, January 30, 2006


Did anybody read this?
Please do. It's absolutely outrageous. The gist of it is internet service providers want to squeeze more money out of us. They want people to pay for the amount of bandwidth they use. This scheme they're developing has nothing to do with stopping illegal downloads, either. It's just a system they've devised to make people pay more if they use the internet more than other. Online gaming? Pay more. VoIP? Pay more. Downloading stuff? Pay more.

"It's simply not fair to charge someone who's using the Internet for a simple e-mail the same as someone who's streaming their TV or phone calls."

Bullsh*t! If I used my home phone line to talk 24 hours a day, I'd still pay as much as those who get a call a week. Why scale internet usage? I'm sure companies that rely on internet access will not like this at all because people will stop using the net as much. It will stunt innovation.

"[Telus] is also thinking about charging large firms such as Google or eBay for access to its network, something that Bell South and AT&T are also proposing in the United States."

This is a horrible idea. Companies will have to pay the ISP for the luxury of being carried? This would mean only larger sites that have the ability to pay will be online, squeezing out smaller firms. Also, imagine people who do a lot of gaming online. Not only do they pay subscriptions to play (ie MMORPG monthly fees, or Xbox Live, even), but then they'd have to pay on top of that for their bandwidth usage? And most ISPs already charge for downloading over the limit. So then, what is this extra charge for? It's just a new way to milk money from consumers. Luckily, this article makes no mention of Sympatico and their unlimited download limits.

I feel this will not fly with customers. I can only hope, that is. Stand up and let your voice be heard against this potential coming injustice. I'm angry.

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