Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Popular Ethnicities

I was incidentally watching some program on the hotspots of Miami. They showed all sorts of latino clubs with greasy looking, stringy moustachioed, wife-beater wearing fools go party and it got me thinking. Why is it that every few years there is a popular ethnicity? It really upsets me. It's like people's ethnicity becomes a gimmick that's marketed and when the interest dries up, it's "well, so long're not cool anymore. Thanks for all the salsa, but we're moving on".

In the 70s, Asian and Black people were exploited. There were a ton of low quality movies that were made, filled with these ethnicities and marketed to be cool. When the 80s came around, somehow Australians were the new thing. 90s had urban culture (media-speak for black). The second half of the 90s shifted to Latinos and most recently, Asians are popular again. You can tell which race is popular by checking the racial makeup of background dancers in rap videos. Latinos are all in hip-hop but that subtly shifted to these former-"Orientals". No, we gotta say Asian now. Newsflash: Asia has a ton more people than just those in the eastern part. Anyway...

I'm not upset or against any of these peoples. I just oppose the celebrities that are artificially created to satisfy the public's demand. These poor people are convinced that they're celebrities not because of their novelty race, but because they're the flavour of the month. The 70s gave us Richard Roundtree and Pam Grier. The 80s, Yahoo Serious and Paul Hogan. The 90s...too many to count. Marc Antony, Ricky Martin...all those idiots. Nowdays, we gotta contend with the Lucy Lius and Sandra Ohs of the world. (Side note: how the hell did Sandra Oh get on tv? I thought tv was the playground of the good-looking. That's how I want my tv to be. Why can't networks respect that? Oh right, cuz Asians are "in". Boooo, I say. But I digress.)

Long story short: racial fads sicken me. Who's next? Latvians? Cambodians? Lichtensteiners? You decide in the comments.


As per the request, here's a pic of my new desk.

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