Thursday, February 09, 2006

Musings on an overheard Grammy Broadcast

I have a policy of not watching music awards shows anymore. They're usually vapid and give awards to the most undeserving "artists". This is a symptom of the larger problem that general tastes of the masses are awful, compounded with the recent payola scandal (where music companies bribed thousands of radio stations into playing songs that otherwise would probably not be hits). Anyway, specifically, I refuse to watch the Grammy Awards for one single reason: Mariah Carey. I loathe her. She's a dimwitted celebrity whose best days are way behind her. Yet she's still there, wailing a variation on the same song for 15+ years now. Enough! Mariah, you're dead to me.

Keeping with the Grammy theme, I was in my room while my mother was watching the telecast in the other room and I heard U2 come on and start playing. Mo will come on this site and be a hater, posting a bunch of hater comments but say what you will, "One" is a brilliant song, probably U2's best. So I overhear Bono singing and he's doing as he always does...then everything goes wrong. Suddenly, there's some woman wailing and emoting on a microphone, "singing" along with the song. I couldn't take it and closed my door. She was awful. Later, I found out Mary J Blige did a duet on the song with Bono. Wow. I didn't realize how awful she was, or perhaps it was just that performance. Blige, you're on my watch list. If you don't mind yourself, you'll be on my outs.

What are your impressions? Do you actually listen to the music that's being pushed on us? I think the state of radio in this city is beyond garbage. I have no access to the music I like. No, instead, we get Mix 96 with the mass produced dreck they play (somehow, a song worth a damn slips through their filter). Then, you have CHOM that would be great if I was a mid-50s boomer still trying to fit into an old Led Zep concert tshirt I got 30 years ago at the Forum. Then what? Q92's soft rock? I may as well buy all seasons of Will & Grace while I'm at it. The only thing I can half listen to is 99.9 The Buzz and I can only pick that up in the car...and even then, half of what they play is way too loud and generic. Anybody who plays Aliexisonfire is not welcome. No wonder I just listen to the Team 990 all the time.

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