Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl

Last night's Super Bowl was a disappointment. The game was ho-hum, especially towards the end when Pittsburgh pulled ahead. The poor officiating also played a factor. But an un-special game is to be expected. The major disappointments were two-fold.

1) The halftime show. Boring! In past years, the Superbowl halftime show was an exercise in absolute extravagance and poor taste. All this culminated 6 years ago when 'NSYNC, Aerosmith and Britney Spears were all on the stage in a terrible mess of a train wreck. But it was a fun terrible mess of a train mess. Now we get the Stones. For all their popularity and longevity, the Stones were boring. They played a few songs and left. Nobody was into it. But it's not their fault. The NFL and the networks are all scared stupid to do anything remotely daring due to the Janet Jackson fallout.

The fact that there was such a huge deal made about the Jackson wardrobe malfunction shows America's hippocrisy on such matters but that rant is for a different time. The fact is, since then, we're treated to "safe" acts. Last year, we had Paul McCartney playing it safe and thanking the Super Bowl. This time, we get the Stones. (Isn't it ironic that people who were viewed as controversial 40 years ago are now the safe acts?) And even so, the Stones were censored for some mild language in their songs, last night.

I say bring back the k├ętaine performances. It's what we love to hate.

2) The Super Bowl commercials. They were dreadful. If you didn't see them due to Canadian feeds, go here and here. Watch them and be unimpressed. Some of the low-lights were the Hummer ad, the laaaaaame Pepsi ads and the totally embarrassing BK ad with Brooke Burke's equally embarrassing appearance. Does anyone actually believe she's ever consumed a Whoppper? Please. I'm told there's an amusing Mastercard ad with MacGyver that I didn't see and is not linked on the pages I provided above. If anybody finds that online, please post it here.

In my day, Super Bowl ads were a big thing. You'd see commercials for the latest blockbuster movies (I remember in '99, there was a preview for The Phantom Menace and The Matrix...blew my mind!) and Nike and such. Then the dot com bubble burst and the innovative ads went with them. This year, what movies did we see ads for? The Shaggy Dog remake, with Tim Allen on all fours, pretending to be canine? An ad for Poseidon, that I already saw elsewhere (and I'm not even interested in seeing?). V for Vendetta, by the Wachowski Bros., whom will never see another dime of my money anyway? Blech! Where's Michael Jordan playing ball with Looney Tunes? I've lost any faith I've had in Madison Avenue to provide entertaining ads. I know they're only commercials but the top talent at these ad agencies were supposed to create top notch ads in the most visible ad slots of the year. They receive huge salaries to come up with this? Man, I could do better.


Here's an update on Chris's contributions to Brokeback Mountain's box office gross. Through February 5th, it's made $59.8M. That makes Chris responsible for 0.0000184% of its gross. Let's all give Chris a hand for being progressive, open-minded and supportive of the gay community. We all knew you had it in you. I can't wait till you officiate your first gay wedding. I'll be there (not as one of the grooms, merely as a spectator, so quit whatever jokes y'all were planning to write).

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