Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It has been brought to my attention that all my blog posts are generally skewed at a negative angle. Apparently, I just rant against one thing or bash something else. Tearing down is indeed easier than building.

I suppose I am just full of bottled rage and this is my only outlet. I am a raging rage-aholic. I am addicted to rage-ahol. It was suggested that instead of being Kman v2.0, I should instead write about nicer things, lighter things that I like. Which brings up a problem. That would make this blog extremely dry! I could not think of anything I like enough to a) be worthy of writing about and b) be interesting.

I suppose in the glorious blogosphere in which we write, removed from the real world, where politeness and tact and decorum are all foreign concepts, anger sustains my writing spirit.

So until such time that I have something truly happy to write about, I suppose I will continue to complain that some idiot ruined a tv show for me or some singer butchered a song on tv or some new fad out there is idiotic and not worth the ink with which it is printed. And if I offend any of you, don't take it personal-like. I just do it to vent. It is a form of anger projection. (I don't really hate sudokus, it's just that at that moment it seemed like the best thing to dismantle.)

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