Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another drop in the I-hate-people bucket

Alright, that's it. I am sufficiently angry to rant. Topic: people on public transit.

First up: the bus.

Imagine a packed rushhour bus in the morning. Everyone is scrambling for seats. My stop is one of the last ones on the route. This specific bus stops by Terminus Brossard where many students get off, freeing up seats. Like a vaccuum, all the standing people get sucked into the recently vacated seats. I, being slow of thought and motor skills in the morning, am not so quick to react. Everybody is sitting at this point but me. I cast a cursory glance from one end of the bus to t'other, scanning for a place to park my posterior. At the very back, on the 2-seater against the back of the bus is this large-ish lady sitting on the outside seat, blocking access to the free space next to her. Worse still, she is having a conversation with the man sitting across from her. Why not just have him sit next to you? Free up that damn space! I want to sit! Jesus! And the worst part is that she will pretend like she doesn't see the million little hatred-tipped daggers shooting out of my eyes, Judge Doom-style. Listen, lady. I know you can feel my fury across the bus. Don't pretend you don't. Maybe you think your girth may entitle you to two seats, but that's simply not true. Scoot over or get heli-lifted into town. And she did this twice this week alone! To me! Damn my bitten tongue. I should tell her off. Social graces be damned. Damned, I say!

Next up: the metro.

WTF is up with morons who stand in front of the doors and refuse to move when people want to get out? I can maybe understand they're not aware they are blocking people at loser metro stops where nobody gets on or off. But at Berri or Bonaventure, who doesn't know that there will be a huge in/outflux of people? Yet, you always have these clueless, obviously freshly lobotomized yahoos standing guard at the doors. Then when you try to shove past them, they give you dirty looks! Hey, how about you do us all a favour and stand in front of the metro cars next time. We need less you of you Lennies out there. Christ!

That's enough for now. I am angry at people who make my day miserable. This also includes idiots who take the elevator up or down one floor when taking the stairs would have been much quicker. Don't get me started.

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