Thursday, April 20, 2006

Call me Bob Vila

This past weekend, The Beauchamps (Jbo and M-E) had a ton of work to do at their new place. A while ago, the carpet that was glued with to the floors with what can only be described as unholy strength was finally pulled, through much sweat and toil. And then the fun of laying the floors began! The tongue & groove flooring was unlike any I had worked with in that they did not slide together straight, rather they had rounded edges on both the length and the width, making it doubly hard to fit into place.

After hours and days or cutting and sawing and much mathematical gymnastics and measurements, the floors were done. It might not be grade-A work, but it's the best we could do and I hope they are quite pleased with the result. Now all that is left is the Big Move and a new phase begins for Jbo/M-E. Congrats, you two. I hope those four walls contain much happiness and joy for years to come.

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