Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why are people so damned gross?

For close to two years, I have been using the same water bottle at the gym. Yes, this may be considered a bit nasty. I'm sure the plastic molecules from the inside of the bottle have slowly dissolved into my drinking water and have harmful side-effects (maybe that's why my memory is shot!). In any case, I have been extremely reluctant to throw out my bottle, for no real good reason, until this morning.

I was at the gym before work and placed my bottle in the little bottle slot in the elliptical machine. Upon removing my bottle, attached to the bottom was a used band-aid. That grossed me out so much, you could not believe. I threw out the bottle.

Now, my question is...why the hell are people so damned gross? What type of miscreant removes a bloody, pus-y band-aid and places it on the machine? People like this should be beaten. Same with people who cannot be bothered to throw out their gum and instead stick it places. And then on the bus/metro, you have people who sneeze without covering their mouth or if they do, they then wipe their hand on the pole. Use your non-pole hand, you jerkstores (although if you're from Warsaw, that would be kinda difficult...).

I guess it's easier to be an ass and be dirty than to take some time to be clean and have some damned sense 'bout you. I think we should all live in Singapore, where they cane you if you even think about chewing gum.

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