Sunday, May 07, 2006

Movie talkers must die

Cell phones cause many problems, such as driving accidents. But perhaps the most heinous cell phone act that can be done takes place in a movie theatre. Case in point, last night.

Sitting in the cinema, trying to enjoy Mission: Impossible 3 (not bad, entertaining enough), this bozo in the row ahead gets a phone call. Now, normally people's phones should be OFF! But nay, this guy had it on. Fine, maybe he forgot it on. But then he proceeds to answer it and start having a conversation. His talking took me right out of the movie and I missed some crucial plot points. Finally, getting upset and being spurred on by Chris, I flicked my empty box of Popeye candy sticks in his direction, to no avail. Eventually he stopped.

Later, his woman then gets a call on her phone. She answers it only the have the guy take it and hang up. Then the girl went psycho. "what the $%^& is your problem? You're really $%^&ing crazy," etc. Loud, too. This prompted a Vin Diesel sound-alike in another row to yell, "Shut the $%^& up!" But she kept up her tirade. Vin repeated, "You didn't hear me? I said shut the $%^& up." The girl calmed down and we all thought we could watch the rest of the movie in peace. But alas, it was not meant to be. She busted out her phone and was reviewing messages or something then started bitching out her man again. He took his coat, stood up and left. He returned a while later and when the movie ended, those two hotfooted it out of there like nobody's business. Who can blame them? I don't want Vin Diesel kicking my ass.

All this to say, how much gall does one have to possess to actually answer a phone during a movie? People like this should be lathered in grape jelly and deposited near fire ant hills.

This was entry number 1,406 in an ongoing series of Why People Generally Suck.

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