Saturday, June 17, 2006

SR in VT

Last week, I noticed local musicman Sam Roberts was playing a show in Burlington, Vermont. Sounds like a road trip!! $10 tix to see the guy play? Not too shabby! So after work, JBo and I drove down to Burlington...sorry, SOUTH know...the hood. In any case, we went to this little joint called Higher Ground. Seriously, the room was the size of my backyard. There were as many as 60-70 people scattered in there. It was so small, but the walls were lined with posters of people who have played there and some were of note.

The tickets said 8pm...but that was not the case. The two openers started late. In fact, the second band took an inordinate amount of time setting up and tuning their equipment. I think the house engineer is some kind of moron. He didn't know what to do. Long story short, Sam Roberts and his band take the stage at 11:30pm and played a solid set until 1:10am. Interspersed throughout the show, Roberts mentioned Canada and Montreal plenty of times and spoke French, too, to the befuddlement of the locals. Luckily, there were indeed plenty of Quebecers who made the trip, so it was like a hometown show. In fact, there was a girl there wearing the same CBC t-shirt that I had on. At the end of the show, the bassist even gave me props for it. They were super cool, shaking everyone's hands and generally rockin' out. The atmosphere was cozy, maybe even a little amateurish. But these are Vermonters after all. We should just be grateful they know what electricity is.

Oh, does anybody know if there is a law in some States where you cannot print the alcohol content of beer on the label? Not a single beer had it written and it's not the first time I have noticed this. Not that I had many beers. The guy working the bar was the laziest dude ever. It took so long to get a damned drink. Hey bub! If you don't want my business, just close the bar. Don't tease me with alcohol in sight and not sell it. Jerk.

Anyway, here are some photos. And for those waiting for another installment of E3/LA pix, too bad. I am not writing any more about that, however I will leave you some key photos beneath the concert pix. Enjoy! (the concert photos were done on my cell phone so please excuse the quality).

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