Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If you don't plan on writing, just don't have a blog

What irks me (most recently) is people who insist on having blogs...and not effin' writing on them. Not even a throwaway post in betwixt! Somewhere along the way, they heard blogs were neat and they subscribed to one, adding another voice to the crowded blogosphere, opining on widely ranging topics in a style they obvious thought was hilarious. Wait a sec...that's me.

But seriously, I was looking up and down Chris's extensive blog links off his blog and one after another, people have allowed their blogs to languish. The only person who posts with any regularity (possibly due to his high fibre and prune juice diet) is Chris and his writing is often not very amusing. I used to like the ol' Cup o' Joe blog, but when he wasn't posting anymore, he pulled the plug. He had some sense about him.

New rule. If you haven't posted in over a month, you're off my list. After that, you will have to prove to me that you warrant a link off my blog to get in my good graces again.

As Serpentor often says, "this I command!".

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