Monday, September 11, 2006


I was on the metro this morning and among many interesting things, I saw on the little electronic newsboard some statistics. Apparently, 22% of Canadians and 30% of Quebecers (higher in the 18-25 age bracket) believe the US government was behind the attacks on the twin towers, as an excuse to go to war. Now, the current government down there is many things (mostly incompetent) but I have such a hard time believing that. There is no way they staged that...mainly because they don't have the competence. I mean, it's a neat little conspiracy theory but to actually believe something like that makes me fear for the intelligence of the public.

Did the government know something like this was going to happen? Yeah, I think Condoleezza Rice even testified to that fact. Then why didn't they stop it? Not because they orchestrated it, but rather because they're incompetent. I love that word.

Anyway, this brings me to another theory that really gets me upset: people who believe the moon landing was staged in a tv studio somewhere. Are these people for real? I don't know why but idiots who believe this anger me so much. What an incredible scientific achievement, what a sensational step for humanity...denied by some yahoo crackpots who think everyone is out to get them. And these aren't mental cabdrivers or Mel Gibson. Or both. 22%. 30%. That's huge. I can't believe how many idiots are out there.

Conclusion: I'm so much better than most people.

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