Friday, October 20, 2006

Comics? Hardly

Regular readers (a dying breed) might know about my love/hate relationship with the newspaper comics. For years, I would read every single execrable comic that appeared in the Gazette, daily. I would follow each storyline and I really didn't know why. Most comics are hardly funny. I mean, "comic" is right there in the word! A smile, a chuckle? Is that too much to ask? Where are the Calvin and Hobbes or Farsides of my day? Hell, even The Boondocks ended. Most strips were are left with are incredibly lame and have no real punchline. They simply exist to waste ink and amuse 80 year olds whose sense of humour died around the time they had their first hip surgery.

Thankfully, the Gazette finally ditched some of the worst ones. I mean, does ANYbody enjoy Sally Forth? I could go much deeper in every one of those strips they printed but I don't want to rant too much. It is my birthday after all. Stay positive!

Anyway, I'm just writing to mention my new favourite web site, the Comics Curmudgeon. It represents exactly how I feel about the current state of comics. It's basically a guy who posts that day's comics and just rips into how awful they really are. So I'm not alone!

Note: I have, for weeks now, stopped reading the comics. Just like that, cold turkey. I just couldn't handle it anymore after a particularly awful Beetle Bailey. I must report, I am generally more happy this way, as reading comics in the morning no longer spoils the day to come.

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