Monday, November 27, 2006

The street is not your personal toilet

I was walking up McGill College yesterday when I noticed an Asian fellow and his little, 5 year old-ish son at a nook outside Place Montreal Trust. In broad daylight, outside, he pulled down this kid's pants and the kid just freely peed in the corner. He then pulled up the kid's pants and they continued along, like nothing happened.

WHAT THE HELL!? This is disgusting like I cannot imagine. I had half a mind to just yell at them. I only mention that they're Asian because of an article I read, where mainland Chinese people who visited Hong Kong Disneyland shocked the HK locals by urinating on the public grounds of Disneyland.

To people who have been to that part of the peeing in public a normal thing? I mean, does it not breed diseases? Considering there are plenty weird diseases coming from the Far East, maybe it does.

Actually, I know an Indian guy who would go to India and come back with stories of people just dropping their pants in the streets and defecating on the spot, picking up and walking along, like nothing happened.

Am I the only one appalled by this?

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I brought my car to Wal-mart this morning at 8 to get the tires changed. Coincidentally, the Nintendo Wii launched today, so I swung by the electronics section to scope it out. Man, it was utter madness. I talked to the kid who worked there and he told me all 54 Wiis were spoken for even before they opened the doors. And all the peripherals and games were being snatched up faster than they could open the boxes. Looks like a hit. Meanwhile, I walked in and picked up Final Fantasy V Advance (on sale for $16.88) and got crazed looks by people who could not believe the temerity of someone not paying attention to the Wii on this Holy Nintendo Sunday.

Comparitively, Wal-mart had only 8 PS3s. Dinkar, who was a participant in both launches, told me the Wii pandemonium was way crazier than the PS3. Madness.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Never overestimate the intelligence of the gaming public

Who in their right mind would pay $5000 for a PS3, when in a few months, it'll go down to its normal (and still ludicrous) price of $600US?

Dinkar, man, have fun staying outside Wal-Mart tonight... :(

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary

By chance, I was looking through my old achives, looking to murder some time, when I is the 3rd year anniversary of my very first blog post. November 9th, 2003, is a day that will live in infamy.

I did a bit of research and found that the third anniversary is considered the "leather anniversary". Ignoring the dire implications that might imply, I invite all to wish me a happy leather-versary. Leather for all!

The first image of leather that popped in my head is the following from the classic, too-soon-departed, Arrested Development:

Hopefully, I'll see all my loyal readers (this means all 2 or 3 of them...Chris, Chico...anyone else?) for many years to come.

The following is the very first thing I posted:

Hey everybody. Following in the illustrious footsteps of Wil Wheaton, I've decided to create a blog (that's "web log" said sorta fast...idiots). Here, you will find anything I have to say about anything.

Consider yourselves lucky that I am giving such uninhibited access to my mind FOR FREE! May you all bask in the warm (and fuzzy) glow of my glorious, glorious self.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

File this under "not surprising"

To anyone with a passing knowledge of the increasingly ludicrous DOA games, the following should not be a surprise:

Itagaki on Trial for Sexual Harrassment

DOA creator faced with charges from former Tecmo staff

by Jonathan Lumb, 11/07/2006

Japanese entertainment news site, ZAKZAK, is reporting that Tecmo's Tomonobu Itagaki, father of the Dead or Alive series, is facing allegations of sexual harrassment from a former Tecmo worker. Itagaki, who has become quite a famous face of the game industry thanks to his frequent appearance in magazines, is being asked to pay compensation of 10 million yen. The issue is also thought to be an influence in his unexpected demotion at Tecmo this August.

The member of staff, who quit Tecmo on September 8 this year, presented her case for sueing Itagaki and Tecmo two days later on the 10th, and legal discussions started a month later on October 4. According to the plaintiff, the acts of sexual harrassment started from September 9, three years ago, in a taxi on the way back from a party after a meeting with managers from an IT company. Itagaki is alleged to have forcibly kissed the woman after proclaiming his fondness of her. The tales of harrassment continued, with Itagaki supposedly locking the reception and wrapping his arms around the plaintiff on many occasions, ending up with a similar run-in at a hotel during E3 last year.

The plaintiff claims she was told by management to "Do something about it" herself, after having been absent from work due to stress and instability about the matter, then she started to talk to the firm's head of Human Resources about it. The result of internal investigation was that kisses had been a show of "mutual affection", though the company deemed his actions improper and he lost his position of Managing Executive Officer. After an unsatisfactory response from the company, she handed in her resignation.

Since the case became public, a member of Tecmo's management has apparently contacted ZAKZAK's sister-publication, Evening Fuji, and stated that "there was a difference of opinions, and it will be cleared up in the trial".

Monday, November 06, 2006

Makes you think

I just read a very interesting article where one passage rang very true to me.

Consequently, religious people will devote immense energy to so-called moral problems—such as gay marriage—where no real suffering is at issue, and they will happily contribute to the surplus of human misery if it serves their religious beliefs.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Showcase Sundown

The day has come. Bob Barker has decided to retire.

I can't believe it. Especially this creepy, yet bizarrely hilarious part: "I refuse to do nude scenes. These Hollywood producers want to capitalize on my obvious sexuality, but I don't want to be just another beautiful body."

In any case, The Price is Right is an institution, one I would watch every single day for many consecutive summers.

The thrill of the Check Game.

The excitement of Switcheroo.

And the pants-wetting reveals of Plinko.

The parent company that owns the show is said to be looking for a replacement host but The Price is Right is Bob Barker. Without him, the show should just fold and I think it will.

It's a sad day. I leave you with a video of the opening of the very first episode Bob Barker hosted back in 1972.