Monday, November 27, 2006

The street is not your personal toilet

I was walking up McGill College yesterday when I noticed an Asian fellow and his little, 5 year old-ish son at a nook outside Place Montreal Trust. In broad daylight, outside, he pulled down this kid's pants and the kid just freely peed in the corner. He then pulled up the kid's pants and they continued along, like nothing happened.

WHAT THE HELL!? This is disgusting like I cannot imagine. I had half a mind to just yell at them. I only mention that they're Asian because of an article I read, where mainland Chinese people who visited Hong Kong Disneyland shocked the HK locals by urinating on the public grounds of Disneyland.

To people who have been to that part of the peeing in public a normal thing? I mean, does it not breed diseases? Considering there are plenty weird diseases coming from the Far East, maybe it does.

Actually, I know an Indian guy who would go to India and come back with stories of people just dropping their pants in the streets and defecating on the spot, picking up and walking along, like nothing happened.

Am I the only one appalled by this?

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