Sunday, November 19, 2006


I brought my car to Wal-mart this morning at 8 to get the tires changed. Coincidentally, the Nintendo Wii launched today, so I swung by the electronics section to scope it out. Man, it was utter madness. I talked to the kid who worked there and he told me all 54 Wiis were spoken for even before they opened the doors. And all the peripherals and games were being snatched up faster than they could open the boxes. Looks like a hit. Meanwhile, I walked in and picked up Final Fantasy V Advance (on sale for $16.88) and got crazed looks by people who could not believe the temerity of someone not paying attention to the Wii on this Holy Nintendo Sunday.

Comparitively, Wal-mart had only 8 PS3s. Dinkar, who was a participant in both launches, told me the Wii pandemonium was way crazier than the PS3. Madness.

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