Friday, January 26, 2007

I fear for the coming generation

I know I have ranted about this before but the future is doomed. Kids nowadays are the worst type of boorish, uncivilized wastes of flesh and food. Have you ever been on a bus or the metro and some punk teens are talking about the stupidest possible thing and every second word is the f-word? And not even cleverly used but rather as a space filler in the sentence because their vocabulary is far too limited to think of a better word. And not only do they flaunt their own stupidity in this manner, they embarrass everyone around them. People casting sideways glances at each other, their eyes asking "can you believe this motherf***ing s**t?".

Case in point, I was at the gym yesterday and these two idiots, maybe 17 years old, walk into the locker room screeching like rhesus monkeys, literally. Then out of nowhere, they start cursing each other, calling each other the foulest things, for no particular reason. Then some song comes on the radio and after every line of the song, I kid you not, one of them would repeat the line, laugh and call the singer some strange combination of bad words that don't even make sense. Everyone in the room was looking at each other, just appalled (well, except for that guy everyone thinks is gay. He was looking around for prospects). I can't even repeat what they said because it was so outrageous that my mind could not absorb it to remember. Just think of any sentence you would say in the normal course of the day, add an f-word to the beginning, one at the end and then a few scattered in there as adjectives and adverbs, as they apply to your sentence. This is what these kids were.

All this to say, if more kids are like this, we are all doomed to cataclysmic failure. Perhaps we would all be better off is the Flying Spaghetti Monster just comes and wipes us all out. If Q came and put humanity on trial and used these kids as an example, I would concede defeat.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Slow news day

Not much of a post today. I just wanted to pass along a funny image that was sent to me.

How does this guy think he's going to eat this burger? I mean, the sheer mechanics of it are impossible. I love the details, though. Muttley from Wacky Races on his helmet? And further...why the need for a helmet? Discuss...

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have been looking for a long time for a pic of Greystache. If you don't know what Greystache is, he was a fantasy character on a recent episode of the Simpsons. It was really good. Anyway, I apparently have a reputation of quickly googling any obscure image anyone is looking for, however, Greystache (Graystache?) eluded me.

Now for the millions out there googling Greystache and without finding an image, here is my gift to you. I made an image out of a screencap I print-screened.

You're welcome.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Please read this and try not to laugh:

CES 2007: Sony's SIXAXIS Wins An Emmy

Your eyes do not deceive you.

January 8, 2007 - Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that it has been given top honors by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as the recipient of a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for the PlayStation 3's SIXAXIS controller. SCEA will accept this award at a presentation held tonight during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2007 in Las Vegas.

"The overwhelming consumer demand and critical acclaim for PS3 is a testament of the platform's strength and the industry's desire for a true next-generation entertainment system," said Jack Tretton president of SCEA. "The full potential of this powerful machine has yet to be realized -- what you've seen so far is just a taste of what will be on the table for 2007 and years to come."

The SIXAXIS wireless controller features motion-sensing to detect body movements and interpret them into in-game actions. The PS3 will be on display during the International CES tradeshow, January 8-11, in the Sony Electronics Booth.

Where shall I begin? How about "overwhelming consumer demand"? This is a laughable statement, considering you can find PS3 boxes at stores just lingering about but a Wii is still impossible to find. What about "recipient of a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award"? Let me get this straight...the half-assed, and by most accounts not very good, Sixaxis controller for PS3 wins this but the innovative and really remarkable Wii doesn't?

I think somebody got paid off to give Sony this award in an attempt to get some positive word on the PS3, against the deluge of constant negative press it has been getting.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy new year...?

Happy new year, everyone. As is the tradition, along with the new year comes a raise in bus pass price, as well as it's negatively correlated decrease in quality.

Some fools at the bus system decided January 2nd would be a Saturday schedule, despite the fact that many people have to go to work. The result? A lineup for the 45 at the Brossard terminus, the length of which I have never seen in my life. It was wrapping around the entire autoparc. Tensions were high. People were fighting with others who were cutting in. This is not a good way to start the year...especially when they increased my pass from an already outrageous $99 to $103.