Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why are people stupid?

I seriously do not understand people. It seems sometimes everyone is stupid. Today's rant: girls' dressing habits in winter.

You see girls on the bus or metro or in the food court at the mall, wherever, and they are obviously sick. Sniffling, sneezing, wiping their nose...clearly miserable. So what are they wearing? Tiny tops with much exposed cleavage. Shirts of the thinnest material imaginable with tiny little sleeves or no sleeves at all. Are these people mental? Walking around with a quasi-exposed chest, freezing your lungs, cannot be good for one's personal health. They deserve every illness they get and more. Hey, he're a radical idea: it's cold, wear clothes!!

Now, ordinarily, I would leave these people's suffering to them. However, their illness encroaches upon me. They get sick and then wipe their sickness on door handles, metro poles, what have you. Natural selection is a cruel mistress. Let these people get sick but just don't take me down with you.


chicounet said...

Good point. Same goes to washing your hands when you go pee.

Masta said...

Woah... Under what circumstances did you go see the movie, Queen?

Anonymous said...

I 'acquired' it. I vowed this year to see each Best Picture Oscar nominee.

It was actually quite good. She looks exactly like the queen. And the dude who plays Tony Blair is really good.