Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday is a red letter day!

This coming Monday is a day of import. There is an election.

However, that's not the truly important part.

The moment I heard there will be an election in March, one question popped into my mind: what about my tv shows?

Yes, Mondays are a packed day of tv watching for me and I feared Global would preempt mah fayv'rit stah-rees with election coverage. What of the penultimate episode of hyper-unrealistic yet pretty fun Prison Break? What of my usual routine of watching Battlestar Galactica on Mondays (it's the season finale this week, people!). And most importantly, what of Jack? He's more than halfway through his sixth miserable day. I can't abandon him in favour of the curly-haired bore, the coke-head and the kid who's just happy not to eat at the kid's table anymore.

Thankfully, Global felt the fear of the people and is running ads assuring us, the unwashed, tv-huddled plebeians, that election coverage will not replace the regular programming; rather, it will be inserted into the commercial breaks. Another victory for the case of Escapism v. Reality.

My roundabout point? I watch entirely too much television (however, not nearly as much as I used to as a kid...what was I doing watching Night Court when I was like 10 years old?).

Speaking of Night Court, who doesn't love the theme?


Justin said...

I heart that theme song. And check out the cast. That was the 2nd season, if I'm not mistaken.
I too am wondering why I watched that show week after week as a kid.

Anonymous said...

And you turned out completely well adjusted. I mean, just look at your pic.

mat said...

Cause it came right before Cheers...?

I usually watched those shows while waiting for supper to be ready...

Anonymous said...

Justin, I believe that's the season 1 opening. Also, Night Court came on after Cheers on Thursdays for the first few seasons. I think it ended up on Tuesdays after that.

mat said...

After or's been a while :)