Sunday, March 18, 2007

To add or not to add: Facebook etiquette

I was discussing the Facebook phenomenon with some friends recently and we can't quite decide what the etiquette is when adding new friends.

I'm sure all you facebookers out there know the situation. You're looking through a group you belong to or perhaps the friends of friends and you see someone you haven't spoken to since high school. You really weren't good friends with that person but they're there. What to do? To add or not to add. That's the question.

Or maybe the opposite has happened to you. Someone out of the clear blue adds you. That person isn't really your friend. In fact, you've hardly had any conversations with him/her. Do you add this person? Or what if it's a complete stranger who claims to know you? Someone did try adding me lately, claiming I went to school with her. I have no memory of this girl so I did not accept. No offense, strange girl, but I simply don't remember you.

So I throw this out to my faithful (few?) regular readers: what is your policy regarding facebook invites? Do you just add anyone, thinking you can possibly gain new friends out of it or are you tight-fisted with the acceptance of invitations?


jonsol said...

I never joined facebook so I wouldn't have to put up with all that nonsense, though I'll probably end up joining one day. But it sounds like most people just add everyone. But does adding everyone make you a facebook slut?

By the way, you should add that random girl!

chicounet said...

Is she hot? That's my question. Oh and to answer your question... I'm as tight fisted as they come...

antsy said...

Hey, I had the exact same thought today. This will come across being mean, but I figure there's a reason why you didn't catch up after all this time. Facebook just reminds me of that fact.

Audrey is tempted to add anyone, but say that she dated every single one of them too.

Rez said...

I'm usually the non-confrontational type, so I figure if I have a vague recollection of the person, and the person wants to be on my friends list, then why not. My anti-social tendencies seem to have spared me from much of the random adds where I've had to think whether or not I wanted to add someone or not.