Monday, August 06, 2007

Obesity stinks!

So, where I spend a lot of time lately, helping out at my friend's card store (I made their website! Check it out here!), lots of customers of a certain...substantiveness...frequent the place. What I will say is a stereotype, sure, but anecdotally, I feel it's feel it's true. More often than not, these people of a given rotundness flat out smell. Badly. Really badly.

I don't understand, though. Is it that they simply do not wash? They sit there is their own filth? They figure, while I'm not treating my body with respect, I may as well go the whole nine yards and not clean myself either? Or is there more to this story. Perhaps they are so large, there are places they cannot reach to clean. Whatever the reason, it's freakin' gross. If you're going out in public, please don't have an aura of stank wafting about your body, like remoras on sharks. My nose will thank you later.


Mathieu Drouin said...

I think it has to do that fat people sweat profusely because their fat acts an insulator that raises their core temperature.

Anonymous said...

I see!