Thursday, September 27, 2007

Never smile at a croc-o-phile

Summer season is at an end and so is the trend of people wearing these shoes called Crocs. I must officially document my hatred for these shoes on this blog for all to see. I hate Crocs. They are so incredibly stupid-looking that I'm amazed otherwise sane individuals wear them. What's the appeal? They're cheaply made of cheap plastic and the worse offense of all is that they're hideous.

Thankfully, the cold weather will put an end to people parading in what amounts to slightly more than clown shoes.

P.S.: If you wear Crocs, than it's highly possible you're an idiot. I can't make gross generalities, however. I will judge an individual's idiocy on a case to case basis.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bowling for plates

In my hectic schedule, I've found a moment to post something new upon this slowly fading blog. Like a Rickey Henderson, however, I will never quit! This blog will continue to live! (What's that? Rickey hung up his cleats? Aw eff...!)

Anyway, I was wondering at what point does a plate become a bowl. You know at some fancy restaurants, they serve a soup in what amounts to little more than a plate with a really wide rim. Is that a bowl or are they serving me soup in a dish? Is there a specific depth of the object's indentation that turns it into a bowl from a plate? Or does the moniker apply to what's being served? If I serve soup or eat cereal out of a hat, can I call that a bowl?

Bowls and plates...the eternal struggle for meaning continues, unabated...for now...

P.S.: Ooh ooh, what's more, do you "eat" soup or "drink" soup? Or simply "have" soup? Argh, language can be so baffling at times!