Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Open Letter to Maniacs...

Dear Crazy winter drivers,

Are you all out of your friggin' minds? Every year, we get snow and every year, people lose their heads. You can't drive in 30cm of snow like you do in the middle of July, ok? Here I am, stopped at a red light and praying that some yahoo behind me doesn't break too suddenly and come crashing into my car. It's a really tense moment, stopped at a light, looking in my rearview mirror and seeing a car coming down the slippery street at speeds ridiculous in this weather. And in a snowstorm, I will go very slow on purpose in order to not spin out. But no matter how carefully I drive, getting into an accident is really out of my hands because nutjobs are all over the place, careening around curves, just asking to slide into others. What's the huge rush? Do you all have to get someplace a few seconds quicker than if you drove carefully? In fact, by driving so fast, chances are you'll get into an accident and you won't make your destination at all.

So slow the f$*@ down, already. Jeez.


Masta said...

I love how every year people need to relearn how to deal with snow. Less than 365 days ago we got a lot of snow, and we adapted. Now, it's like people don't understand, "What is this white stuff?? It's slippery and cold... Like polar bear dandruff. Oh my God! Just like the book of Revelations! I don't want this!!!!!!"

Hot tempers and impatience and complete pandemonium. Quest-ce que c'est?

Anonymous said...

I doubt revelations knew anything about a foot of snow :P
It's madness!

Mathieu Drouin said...

I agree that some people don't adjust to the winter conditions, but there are people who completely shut down at the sight of snow or rain. I like big snow storms cause all the jokers who usually take the road stay home and I can finally drive without being hassled.

The posted speed limits are really only useful in winter cause that's pretty much the only time in the year where people actually respect them.

For the record, tires make a huge difference in the snow.

Anonymous said...

I dunno if I agree. Yeah the prudent people stay off the roads but those are the people we need the most in this weather! The only people left are the crazies who swerve and drive like it's the summer and freak me out because I think they'll crash into me.

Anonymous said...

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