Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bonding with my dvds

I have so many dvds that I've bought and haven't watched, it's incredible. I made a conscious effort to dig into my backlog, starting with the Bond movies.
I have all of them, the first 20 in the Ultimate Edition box sets, and Casino Royale separately. First, let me tell you about the Ultimate Edition Bond box sets. Next to the extended edition Lord of the Rings box sets, these Bond ones are the most fantastic dvd productions I've seen. From packaging to booklets to the in-movie menus, everything is incredible. The picture quality for all the films has been cleaned up to the point that they look new. It's such an amazing job that they did. Let's not forget about the exhaustive extra features for every movie, as well. I was spending maybe 4-5 hours per movie (that's the film and the extras combined).
Anyway, I'm finally done watching them and I will render judgment. Since there are 21 Bond movies, I'll split it into thirds.

Top 007

  1. Casino Royale (best)

  2. Goldfinger

  3. GoldenEye

  4. From Russia with Love

  5. The Spy Who Loved Me

  6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service

  7. For Your Eyes Only

Bottom 007

  1. Moonraker

  2. You Only Live Twice

  3. A View to a Kill

  4. The Man with the Golden Gun

  5. The World Is Not Enough

  6. Diamonds Are Forever

  7. Licence to Kill (worst)

Now I'm all ready for Quantum of Solace, coming out October 31st. Bring it on!


Masta said...

When I saw that you had watched Casino Royale I was about to rebuke you, assuming that you broke down and skipped some of the movies to get to Casino Royale. But, you've done what normal nerds only dream of. More than 84 hours of James Bond movies. You're nuts. Go finish your novel! What's Quantum Solstace?

Anonymous said...

Quantum of Solace. It's the next Bond movie. It takes its title from one the last remaining original unused Ian Fleming titles.

And yes, in the time spent watching all this, I could have finished 8 books.