Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a riot!

We all joked about the possibility of a riot if the Habs won the series but I don't think anyone actually believed it. In retrospect, I'm glad that for Game 5, I parked in an underground garage, because if they won that night, there would have been riots and my car would have been wrecked. But I digress.

My point is riots for a sports team winning is stupid. I mean, your team won! Why are you destroying things? I mean, I could understand more if the team lost and you're pissed. But how is going Bruce Banner all over town related to your team's win? There's a huge disconnect right there. And worst of all, it's the first round! When did Montreal lower its standards of hockey to the point where we riot for a first round victory? Previously, we'd only celebrate the big win with looting and police cruiser burning.

Anyway, the cops are apparently going to review youtube videos and facebook photos to try to identify more rioters and I think that's a great use of a waste of time. These people shame the rest of the fans who aren't nutjobs. The rioters are not even real fans. They're just a bunch of drunken louts looking to cause trouble in a mob mentality.

I think cops should be allowed to shoot rioters. That'll put an end to it quickly.