Monday, October 20, 2008

Says who?

I like watching the Amazing Race. I haven't seen a full season in a while because I never know when it's on but I really enjoy seeing faraway lands and the fascinating local customs they have that are then trivialized and turned into games for dimwitted Americans to flub. There is one concern I do have, though.

The title.

The Amazing Race? Really? Who are they to tell me what kind of race this will be? I didn't sign up for this show just to have the producers editorialize in the title. Let me be the judge of the race's adequacy. From season to season, depending on the format and locations, some races are less amazing than others. Some seasons could be The Satisfactory Race, or The Excellent Race, or The Barely Tolerable Race, or if it's a particularly boring season, The Somnambulistic Race.

Hmmmm, I suppose the same logic could apply to this blog.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Simons sumfin!

A while back, there was a controversy over the Simons catalog for women. Apparently, all the girls in it were disgustingly skinny, as if they had just escaped from some POW camp and hadn't seen a decent meal since the last prisoner exchange. The outcry was so bad that Simons recalled the catalog and apologized.

Then the men's catalog came out.

If you haven't seen this thing, here's a link:

Not only is the guy in this catalog frail like an autumn leaf but his demeanour and dress make me think he was the prison guard keeping the women. Whose bright idea was it to dress this guy like he's a sociopath Nazi? In some of these pics, all he needs is a swastika on his sleeve and he could be goosestepping down the streets of Berlin. And then the photo on page 13 looks like he's leaving a murder scene that he committed. I assume it's the same look OJ had back in the day.

I urge anyone not to buy anything featured in this catalog. Not because the choice of model and poses was ridiculously ill-conceived, but because the clothes therein are so hideous. I like Simons and regularly buy clothes from there. I know they have nice why not feature any of it in this magazine? Wow, what a miscalculation of their part. Who was the ad wizard behind this one?