Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peggle: A real life Ktarian mind game

I thought I could resist the notorious infestation that is Peggle but I couldn't resist. It's like the Ktarian mind game that Etana Jol gives Riker in that episode of TNG. Everyone's addicted to it and is pressuring me to play. I resisted long enough, hoping to be the Wil Wheaton in this scenario but I ended up being the Ashley Judd...lasting long without playing but not until the very end.

If some of you are still unfamiliar with this game, it's essentially a videogame variation on pinball where you have to hit all the orange pegs on the board before you run out of balls. The balls themselves could have special powers, too. The appeal of the game is basically visual and auditory stimulation. The colours are so vibrant and flashy and the sounds are so...satisfying that it makes you come back for more.

When I close my eyes, all I see are orange and blue pegs and all I can hear is Beethoven's Ode to Joy rattling about my skull.

Now if only Data would show up with a palm beacon to disrupt the mind-controlling effects of the game.


Michael Choi said...

Hahaha..I actually remember that episode of TNG, it was called "The Game", season 5, episode 5 or 6 I yhink. Ashley Judd played Ensign Robin Lefler...ahh a young Ashley Judd LOL.

Didn't think there would be a game similarily addictive like the one in the show. Peggle, its that addictively fun eh?

Jenny H. said...

Why don't I remember that episode...believe it or not it was my favourite show...I used to watch it every week/day with my dad...I even won a supper at Giorgios by playing Quiz the Wiz on CHOM for stumping him witht he final stardate of the last episode...haha.

OH and I have no clue what Peggle is...sounds like it may cause seizures!