Thursday, April 23, 2009

Susan Boyle: My $0.02

This past week, this Susan Boyle woman has apparently captured the world's attention by singing well on a British talent show.

As if that's not pathetic in and of itself, the fact that this woman is absolutely hideous cannot be ignored. What's that, you say? Calling her hideous is terribly mean? Not so, I counter. At least I'm calling it as it is. Everyone else who buys into this phenomenon are the mean ones for being complicit in mocking this woman.

I pose the following question. Is she the best singer who's come across one of these talent programs? The answer is no. Have better singers than her become sensations like this? The answer again is no. So why is Susan Boyle so special?

Because she's hideous. That's a fact and anyone who says differently is lying to themselves.

The contrast between her appearance and her singing also exposes a ridiculous prejudice in people, that being only good looking people could have some talent. Heaven forbid that ugly folks could do something well.

All this to say, if you're buying into this hype, at its root, she's only anything because of her lack of appearance.

On top of everything, what makes it even worse is that this is obviously a calculated maneuver. As if she didn't have to go through many stages of screening before making it on tv. And there is Simon Cowell, feigning incredulity at this woman. Word is he's busy signing her to record deals and will put out CDs to make a few bucks off her back while the iron is hot.



Anthony said...

If you're trying to say that talent is only part of the equation in winning BGT, then you're right. There's always the bleeding heart factor in these shows. The show is about finding talent anywhere, no matter how modest, neglected, and yes, how ugly you may be.

And she is talented. She nailed that song. Have you listened to the Broadway version? I downloaded it, and her version was far far better. Her inflection and timing were incredible.

In short, she played her cards perfectly. She underpromised and overdelivered. She's got the heart strings, picked the perfect song about dreaming and hardships, and the ugly factor. Brilliant.

Anthony said...

If you liked her good looks before, check this out:

The pictures change every few seconds.. hahahaha

Vrej said...


Masta said...

The ugliness is calculated. I think she could have fixed herself up. Her hair, her eyebrows... It just wouldn't have been as shocking. She's not the ugliest person on earth.

Anonymous said...

And yeah, why are they surprised??? "I'm so surprised that such a beautiful voice could belong to such a hog...I mean... Look at you! If your voice sounded like how you looked, You'd sound like jabba the hutt."

Anonymous said...

I have just read in Yahoo (yes, some of us still use Yahoo!) that she had a breakdown and was rushed to is because of mean spirited elitists such as yourselves that this poor woman has been reduced to attention grabbing hysterics...oh, sorry, I guess I agree with you guys...

Justin's Dad...

Jenny H. said...

haha Simon C. is a genius!

Anonymous said...

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